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Models of Canon Canopy


Size (in inch) LxWxH

Weight (Kg.)

Baby Type (2 to 5 kva)



5 kva



6 to 10 kva (with S/C engine)



10 to 20 kva (with D/C engine upto 28 hp)



20 to 35 kva (with D/C engine above 28 hp)



Note : Any Type / Size Canopy can be fabricated as per demand.


Features of Canon Canopy


Our Canopy is of low noise (68 to 75 dba at 3 meters.)


The Canopy's are durable & fully detachable & can be reassembled very easily at site.


Our Canopy has provision for proper cooling system with 2 circulating fans provided for quick inflow of hot air.


The silencers used are specially designed for low noise with no blockage of air flow to give full power to genset.


These Canopies are user friendly with three door opening with glasses on each door for inspection while running of genset.


Our canopies are fitted with digital meters to display voltage, ampere (load) & frequency of the running genset.


The temprature rises 5-10 degree on full load.


The Sheet used is of 16 to 18 guage proper fabricated, preheated with chemicals to prevent corrosion and duly powder coated or heat painted.


Easy handling & Easy transportation.


The textured material used as per IS:8183 comprising of fire retardant resin, organic glass/ rock fibre insure uniform long lasting absorption of sound.

"Quality without compromise".........is CANON's Promise!

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