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  Baby Type Genset 
The Baby Type Genset is a light weight Genset (125 Kg) which can be installed in buildings at individual flats and small shops where there is scarcity or shortage of space. They are easily operative with a very low maintenance and peak efficiency and performance. 

Description 2 KW - 5 KW, Single Phase, 1500 RPM,  having min Noise, Vibration & light weight (125 Kg).
Frequency 50 -+ 2% Hertz
Efficiency 80% (app.)
Prime Mover HP 4.5-7.5
Tank Capacity

7.5 Litre

Fuel Consumption 255g/kWh
Voltage Output 230/250V for S/Phase
Voltage Regulation -+2%
Application Cinema, Hotel, Bank, Nursing Homes, Residence, Showrooms, Appartments & General Purposes.


Capacity in KW/KVA

Max. Amp.

Engine Type


Fuel Consumption in kg on avg level (appx)

Gas Consumption in kg on avg level (appx)

Tank capacity in Litres

No. of Cylinders

Size (cm)

Wt (kg)

Genset Single Phase 230/250 Volts AC With Water Cooled Diesel & Gas Engine Having 1500 RPM

2 8 KEW-22 4.5 W.C. 0.58 0.52 5.0 One 91x42x75 125
2.5 10 KEW-27 5.0 W.C. 0.70 0.63 5.0 One 91x42x75 125
3 12 KEW-25 5.5 W.C. 0.85 0.76 5.0 One 91x42x75 135
5 20 KEW-3 7.5 W.C. 1.10 0.99 5.0 One 94x42x75 145

All  the above Gensets are available with Air Cooled Diesel Engine

Due to continuous improvements, the specifications are liable to change without prior notice 

"Quality without compromise".........is CANON's Promise!

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