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  Single Cylinder Pumpset
Our high quality Single Cylinder Pumpsets meet and exceed the performance, specifications and requirements of the agricultural sector. Our Pumpsets are of advanced technology. They contain multi functional additive system that maintains diesel injector cleanliness and protects diesel system components to ensure that pumps operate at peak efficiency and performance. 

Description 4 Stroke, Hand Start, Water Cooled, High Speed, Vertical Engine.
Prime Mover 5-22
RPM 1500
Fuel Consumption 255 gm/kWh 
Efficiency 80% (app.)
Capacity 80x65 to 100x100 size of pumps (mm).
Construction As Per IS:11170
Application Lifting water, for transfer kerosine / Diesel and many other purposes.
"Quality without compromise".........is CANON's Promise!

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