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Kalyan Engineering Works was established 32 years back in 1967. In the first four years of establishment, the company manufactured only diesel engine spares under 'MENA' Brand and later on in 1970 the company started manufacturing diesel engines by the brand name 'KISAN SAATHI'. At that time this was the only engine used in the pumpsets by the farmers. After sometime the engine became so popular in some regions of U.P. that no Indian brand could stand before it. Some dealers of that time are still working with us. Their contribution to our company is remarkable. And without their support our company would not have been where it is today. 
Then in 1974-75 Kisan Saathi also introduced the gensets. At that time the gensets were given on rent and that too at very low cost of just Rs 150/-. In 1978 when the enquiries for the gensets started to come, then we introduced a new brand "CANON". Now the gensets were available with the brand 'CANON' and the pumpsets with the brand 'KISAN SAATHI'. And this continues till date. 
After that by 1982 the dealers from Gaya, Devdhar, Benaras, Patna, Biharsharif, Giridih etc. were also introduced. From 1982-1990 many more dealers were introduced. And they still form a very important part of the company. They are like our family. Canon Generators are so popular today. All this credit goes to our Canon family (dealers) who have devoted their precious time and with their utmost effort our company is on its height today.
Our meetings conducted at Nainital and Goa are really appreciated by the dealers. And they advised us to bring some renewal in the Gensets. And with this source of inspiration we introduced TROLLY WHEEL BALL BEARING SYSTEM in our Gensets.
We are planning to introduce a new system for the engines , that if the engine do not have oil in it then it will be automatically turned off. And even if the engine gets overheated for any reason then also it will automatically turn off. Obviously, the expense would be increased in implementing this system but that would be just Rs. 200/- to Rs. 250/-. 
Our diesel engines and gensets are of ISI mark since 1973. Our company is ISO:9001 certified. We were the first to manufacture diesel engines, alternators and gensets under one roof. We are in the line of manufacturing and developing new products which are all out of world. The owners are technically very sound.  
We have always endeavored our very best to live up to the expectations of the customers in quality of the product . Please do not hesitate to contact us for any queries.
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