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Diesel generators produce electricity. It converts the chemical energy of diesel fuel to mechanical energy, and thus mechanical energy helps rotate the crank and produces electricity. They supply the electricity in schools, hospitals, factories, and homes and are used as the primary power supply source.

Electricity is essential in everyone’s life, and there are businesses in which a continuous supply of electricity is needed. So it is necessary to have a backup to keep the business running.

Why do diesel generators require maintenance?

Diesel generators require frequent routine maintenance as the engine is usually the most important component that needs regular service. Engines typically need regular maintenance, and the engine manufacturer recommends the service time.

Typically, a routine service involves a thorough inspection, oil replacement, and several belts. Regular service of a diesel generator is necessary as it will help the generator to work for a more extended time period. Maintenance is crucial to guarantee that your generator produces the necessary amount of electricity.

Benefits of Diesel Genset

  • Diesel genset are versatile. 

Diesel Genset is widely used across the globe. In remote areas, they can be used as a backup system or as the primary power source and connected to the power grid. In contrast to generators used in commercial settings, ranging from 8 KW to 2,000 KW, household generators can range from 8 to 30 kW. Diesel generators are also used on large ships to provide auxiliary power for lighting, fans, and switches.

  • It helps to generate more power. 

It helps to generate more power as it has high energy value than natural gas, so more power is generated. If compared to natural gas, a diesel generator’s output is almost double the natural gas engine.

  • Maintenance is less

It has differently designed motors from other types of generators. This design makes it more efficient and requires less maintenance and refueling to keep the generator running. A diesel-fueled generator is a more straightforward solution to get electricity at all times.

  • Can run for a longer time

Diesel generators provide a significant power supply for a long time. The motors can run for a long time due to their efficient engine design.

  • Safe to use

Diesel engines require less refueling than gasoline engines and use much less combustible fuel. Choosing a diesel engine considerably minimizes the possibility of something mishappening. So it is a safe option to use.

  • Highly efficient 

Generators have very efficient engines. Their simpler engines are easy to fix and can last longer, requires less fuel, and the chances of wear and tear are less. It also has built-in cooling components and does not require extra coolant and temperature gauges.

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Generators are used for commercial and household purposes. So it’s a fantastic decision to invest in a generator for emergencies. Why not opt for a better option and buy a diesel-powered generator? The improved effectiveness and performance will make it worthwhile.

For the past years, Canon Genset has been the best diesel generator manufacturer that provides you with all Genset solutions. We are the leaders in the Gensets industry and have introduced the concept of silent gen sets in India.


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