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Product philosophy

  • We, at Canon Gensets, being the best generator canopy manufacturers believe in delivering reliable products, which can face the high demanding loads in real-world conditions.
  • A Canopy Diesel Generator is a generator that is enclosed in a protective structure. Diesel generators without a protective structure are referred to as Open Units. Open Units are typically cheaper, however, Canopy Diesel Generators require less maintenance because they have additional protection against the elements.
  • Canopy Diesel Generators are also more secure, safe, and sound-proof than canopy generator set Open Units.
  • Rather than purchase a Canopy Diesel Generator, some choose to purchase Open Units and buy or build housing for their Canopy Gensets generator in an attempt to save money.
  • We were the first to manufacture diesel engines, alternators, and Gensets under one roof in our industry. We believe in manufacturing robust quality products which will provide long-lasting and sustainable performance at peak load capacity for years.
  • Though a home-built generator canopy is more protected from the elements than an Open Unit, the resources used to make them sound-proof and secure typically outweigh any savings. However, if a location for an Open Unit that protects it from the elements is available and if noise levels do not matter, an Open Unit may be a better investment.

Generator Canopy Manufacturer

Canon Genset is one of the finest generator canopy manufacturer in India our Canopy Genset is considered to be the best one in the industry as they come in a canopy. This makes less noise pollution and gives a calm environment to work in.

 Single Phase– 2 KW/KVA TO 20 KW/KVA.

 Three Phase–  7.5 KVA TO 25 KVA.

We offer 100% transparency with excellent products that last for a long time.

Our after sales services are loved by our customers

Canon Gensets is known to offer powerful products with no hidden costs

We offer affordable prices

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