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The generator alternator price in India depends on the type of application for which it is used. The generator alternator works for different applications so, the generator alternator price in India also varies according to application.

Dg alternator in generators is essential as it helps in the smooth working of diesel generators. Dg alternator is an essential component of a diesel generator and comprises many components. These components are

  • Stator
  • Rotor and 
  • Diode

The components of the alternator are the rotor and stator. The difference between rotor and stator is that rotor is the rotating part and the stator does not rotate and remains stationary. However, the alternator motor runs with the help of the rotor and stator.

Alternators are used in vehicles. Moreover, the type of alternator used in cars is the automotive alternator. Other than this, the alternator is used in diesel-electric locomotives.

How Does Generator Alternator Work

Does the diesel generator convert one form of energy to another form that is mechanical energy to electrical energy?

When the alternator belt spins the pulley on the alternator and the rotor inside the alternator spin. Moreover, the rotor spins which is a group of magnets or a magnet that rotates with the speed of a nest of copper wires which is called a stator. The spinning of magnets is fast and these copper wires produce electricity due to electromagnetism.

The next step happens due to the voltage regulator, the built-in component on the alternator acts as a gatekeeper that shuts off the power to the battery. If the voltage rises above a set threshold, typically 14.5 volts, to prevent the battery from becoming overcharged and damaged.

Features of the Alternator Generator


Output Current depends on the speed of the Alternator: 

If the alternator speed increases the output current increases and if the alternator speed decreases the output current decreases. This means that if alternator speed increases or decreases the output current also increases or decreases.

The efficiency with Speed of Alternator:

When the alternator runs at low speed, then its efficiency is reduced.


With the increase in alternator temperature, then the current is reduced.

Applications of an Alternator Motor are

  • Alternator Motor are used in Automobiles
  • Electrical power generator plants
  • It is also used in Marine applications
  • Diesel electrical multiple units
  • Radiofrequency transmission

Advantages of a Generator Alternator are

  • Cheap
  • Low weight
  • It requires low maintenance and thus, is cost-effective 
  • Construction is simple
  • It is more compact and robust.

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It is the foremost part to regularly maintain your Dg alternator and keep the generator in good working order. If the alternators are not regularly maintained, then it can lead to losses and power cuts. The price of a diesel generator alternator is also affordable. However, the alternator motor price depends on the application for which it is to be used.

Canon Genset has been the best manufacturer of Generator Alternator that provide you with all Genset solutions. 

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