Canon Genset

Many sectors have relied on commercial Diesel Genset for years. For years, Diesel Generator have been used for power backup, off-grid projects, and even on ships and freighters as a backup source of power

Canon Genset generators in diesel variants are known for their endurance and versatility in handling projects. The versatility and endurance reside in the generator’s architecture and the fuel type that allows it to run in different settings.

Application of Diesel Generator in Various Industries

Often referred to as backup emergency power, commercial diesel generators are closely correlated with standby power. As a result of their adaptability, Diesel generators are used in a wide range of sectors. We’ll go over some of the most prevalent industrial units that use commercial diesel generators.

Commercial Operations

A commercial backup Diesel Generator can keep the lights on and also the air conditioner or heater running to keep your facility at a safe temperature for you and your personnel. Commercial generators can also help maintain crucial systems functioning, such as computer systems, security systems, and other critical equipment.

Medical Industry

Diesel generators offer backup power in the case of a power outage in one of the world’s most mission-critical situations. There is a vast range of life-saving medical tools and types of equipment in hospitals, operating rooms, and emergency room in-patient clinics. Medical institutions rely on diesel generators to power equipment such as ICU patients and oxygen pumps.

Construction Projects

When it comes to new building projects, diesel generators are essential equipment. Diesel generators are available in portable versions, allowing construction companies to work on projects with off-the-source power and lack the necessary electric grid. Industrial diesel generators can assist reduce project delays or stalling by providing continuous power and keeping project timelines on track. Diesel generators provide electricity to the light sources and equipment required to complete specific jobs or building projects.

Mining Operations

Diesel generators supply more than 70% of all power needs in the mining industry. In the Mining industry use of heavy equipment such as lights, drillers, conveyor belts, digging machines, and cranes is common. Portable diesel generators are perfect for meeting the needs in varied mining environments, regardless of mining product.

Oil and Gas Operations

Maximum all oil and gas operations are in distant areas where no power grid is there to connect. Because these conditions are often hard to navigate and transport equipment in and out, portable Diesel Gensets come in handy. All oil and gas operations, including drilling, pumping, and loading, can be reliably powered with diesel generators. With portable diesel generators, drilling machines and other heavy equipment can be powered reliably, wherever and whenever it is needed.

Telecom Towers

Now telecommunication towers are used by millions of people for more than just making phone calls and sending text messages. Emergency responders, police officers, medical workers, and others involved in mission-critical activities rely on telecom towers to communicate with one another. Consider a power failure that knocks out the telecom towers. Communication would not be possible in that area. When a communication channel goes down, diesel gen-sets provide backup power so that it can stay operational for as long as possible.


Canon Genset is a leading diesel generator manufacturer in India. Single-phase Diesel Genset is sufficient for powering households in terms of generators. There is a requirement for a three-phase generator for power backup in industrial and commercial sectors. Diesel engine generators are now commonly used because of their characteristics, like inexpensive operating costs, long lifespan, relatively silent operation, and minimal to no maintenance requirements.

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