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What is a Diesel Generator?

A diesel generator is mainly used to generate electric energy by using a diesel engine along with an electric generator. A diesel generator can be used as an emergency power supply in case of power cuts or in places where there is no association with the power grid.

Types of Diesel Generators

Diesel generators are available in different sizes, models & designs that are manufactured by many organizations. So before purchasing a diesel generator, here are the various types that you should know about:

  • Industrial or Residential – Industrial generators are generally large in size & can provide a great deal of power for a long-time. As the name recommends, they are generally used in industries where power demand is high. On the other hand, residential generators are of smaller size & provide power up to a particular range. They are great for use in households, small shops and workplaces.
  • Air-cooled or Water-cooled – Air-cooled generators depend on air to provide the cooling function for the generator. No extra part, except for an air intake system is used. Water-cooled generators depend on water for cooling and comprise a separate system for achieving this function. Water-cooled generators require more support as compared to air-cooled generators. We are a diesel generator manufacturers in india.
  • Power Output – The power output range of diesel Genset can be arranged as per the needs. A 3 kVA diesel generator can be utilized to run power tools or appliances like computers, ACs, multiple ceiling fans, etc. They are used in small offices, & houses. While a 2000 kVA diesel generator would be suitable for use in big industries or places with high power demand. 


Relatively low maintenance – This is because the generator’s engine requires fewer components to start, so you won’t have to worry about changing spark plugs or rebuilding carburettors like you would need to with a gas engine.

Durability – Diesel engines are intense in the office, so they will hold up through much wear & tear in an assortment of environmental conditions.

Safe storage – While still combustible, diesel carries a much lower risk for igniting than different kinds of fuel, similar to gasoline.

Power output – Diesel generators are capable of handling larger power loads & will run for a longer time than different kinds of generators available. More rugged and reliable.

Easy access to fuel – Often portable diesel generators are transported on the rear of diesel vehicles. This suggests you don’t need to have two different fuel types when you’re out and about doing work.

Conditions To Keep In Focus While Buying A Diesel Generator

Power – It is important to know the prerequisite of the home/enterprise prior to purchasing a diesel generator. As per the need of a place, generators ranging from 2.5 kVA to more than 2000 kVA can be used. Canon Genset generator is available at an affordable price.

Phase – Diesel generators are accessible for both single-phase and three-phase connections.  See whether your home/enterprise has a single-phase or three-phase connection and choose a suitable generator accordingly.

Fuel Consumption – Fuel consumption is one of the main things to be remembered while purchasing a diesel generator. Discover the fuel consumption of the generator per hour and per kVA (or kW) & also the fuel efficiency it provides with respect to the load.

Control Systems & Power Management Systems – Generators with the capacity to automatically transfer power from the grid to the generator during a power cut and vice versa, display warnings along with providing a broad range of analysis data, which helps increment the proficiency of the diesel generator. The power management system helps to optimize the fuel consumption & the performance of the generator with respect to load demand.

Portability & Size – A generator with a set of wheels or those provided with slots for easy lifting decreases the issue of transportation. Also, remember the size of the generator with respect to the space available to keep it.

Noise – High noise emission can become an issue if the generator is kept in close proximity. Noise absorption technology is provided in some diesel generators which decreases the noise emitted by it

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