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Diesel Generators have been proved to be beneficial which can face high demanding loads in real-world conditions. These have been useful to a great extent and provide utmost reliability and efficiency in terms of power. Today, many industries and households are using diesel gensets to keep their electricity running without any power outage.

A diesel generator is generally used as an emergency power supply during power shutdown or where power is high in demand. Diesel gensets are designed in such a way that generates power by using a diesel engine and an electric generator. Nowadays, diesel generators are used as an essential source of power supply for emergencies, power failure, or as a backup for industries. It is considered to be one of the most important equipments for large industries that help in their continuous production. Industries such as mining, construction, retail shops, oil & gas, telecom, etc., has the highest demand for diesel generators. 

However, it is crucial to buy the generator from a top generator manufacturer to ensure the reliability and high quality of your gensets. Canon Gensets is a recognized manufacturer that has been in this industry for more than 50 years and offers great expertise and quality products. Thus, if you’re looking to get the best canon Genset generator for your industry, then Canon Genset is your ultimate choice.

Diesel Gensets Used by Following Industries

Oil & Gas

Oil & Gas is the largest industry that extracts and refine oil from the ground. All of their activities are based on electricity and high-power gas. Diesel gensets acts as a backbone for the oil & gas industry and therefore, they are mandatory for the drilling, loading, and pumping process. Moreover, these industries sometimes work in uncertain locations where power supply may not be available. In such situations, diesel generators make it possible to work at such sites.


The efficiency and stability of diesel enable diesel generators an ideal choice for mining industries. These generators can easily be transported to any location without any risk. Mining activities involve the usage of heavy-duty machinery which require a huge load of power supply such as drillers, cranes, excavating machines, conveyor belts, etc. Diesel gensets are the number one option for mining oil, gas, iron, and other metals and also, they can be used in any extreme situation.


It is mandatory to buy generators for construction purposes, as these provide 24/7 power for continuous activities. Diesel generators are of great help for running every type of construction equipment like machines, cranes, air conditioning, power communication systems, etc. For an efficient and successful project, using diesel gensets will ensure constant construction work, thereby completing the project on time. Moreover, it also leads to saving time, cost and energy. 


Hospitals are one of the most crucial industries where it is highly mandatory to have backup power generators. There is plenty of medical equipment that operates on electricity, especially in this modern era. If due to power failure and the absence of diesel generators, many patients will lose their lives because some patients live entirely run-on medical machines. Without life support like oxygen masks or ventilators, patients will not be able to breathe, and their life might be in danger. 

Thus, diesel gensets are commonly used in every hospital for reliable power backup. They keep a full tank of diesel and generators to ensure a constant power supply in case of emergency. 


Soldiers work in the toughest environment and carry out rigorous activities. They constantly require a power source to work, and the military industry is highly dependent on diesel generators. They generally use them for multiple purposes like a power supply for the lightning of training camps, hospitals, operating their gear, and IT equipment. 

Diesel Gensets are clearly the main source of backup power for every major industry. These are now even utilized in households as well. Buying a great power companion is advantageous in any situation. Thus, Canon Gensets have evolved as the topmost manufacturer of Generators for every purpose.

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