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Generators are considered as a backbone for every industry, outdoor events, infrastructure projects, etc. Their contribution to the productivity of any business or industry is highly significant. Diesel generators are versatile, power sources, and reliable as they provide vital energy and support to applications such as manufacturing industries, mobile kitchens in remote locations, water projects, etc. 

However, the benefits provided by these gensets are expendable, but it is necessary to address the performance and size of the units before you buy a new Genset. 

It is important to purchase a Genset from a reliable diesel generator manufacturer who can guide you properly according to your requirements. Canon Genset is a leading manufacturer of certified gensets that provide quality products at affordable prices. Nevertheless, it all comes down to considering important factors that affect your buying decision. 

Size and Transportation of Genset

Before buying a diesel Genset, it is crucial to determine whether the machine can be loaded on a truck to be transported to your location. If you are purchasing multiple generators, it’s also worth considering that whether they can be stacked on each other without any damage. These factors are necessary for reducing operating expenditure. 

It is recommended to stay on a conservative side because these gensets are built for heavy performance and one should buy an accurate size Genset according to the need. One should know that bigger is not always better. Small or medium-sized generators also work efficiently, therefore it all depends on the need of the generator. 

Control Systems and Management

With the advancement in technology, a powerful diesel generator should offer a variety of features in its control system. For example, display warnings, ability to start the machine remotely, low fuel alarm, performance issues, etc. It helps in better utilization of the power plant. 

Plenty of diesel generators are embedded with Power Management Systems, which makes them suited for rental applications. It optimally consumes the fuel and performance of the Genset according to the load demand. Therefore, it prevents engine damage with low load levels.

Cost of Generator

Generally, commercial generators are costlier, but while purchasing a diesel Genset it is important to consider the initial cost of acquiring them. The cost of the generators can govern the performance. Choosing a generator that fits your budget but with low performance is a waste of money. Therefore, consider the cost as per your needs.

Durability of Genset

Diesel Genset is costly, and making an investment in them means you are likely to use them for years. This means that the generator should be durable to sustain for a long duration in future. Some important things to identify are doors, locks and latches. They should be inspected thoroughly before buying. Check for the quality of material used, vulnerability, performance, etc. 

If they are robust and solid, they are ideal and eliminate the risk of hazard. Also, keep in mind that buying a low-quality generator can be dangerous. Thus, it is preferred to take a quality and inspection check of the diesel generator. Canon Genset provides reliable and certified gensets that are designed by experienced engineers. With us, you can trust our products and their durability.


Warranty is highly important to be taken into consideration. Generators are prone to wear & tear, require regular maintenance, which many buyers ignore. They can accumulate heavy costs in future; thus, it is preferred to purchase a Genset with a warranty. Spare parts of the gensets may be expensive if your Genset is not under a warranty. On the other hand, buying a diesel Genset with a warranty can protect your machinery for years.

Canon Genset offers powerful diesel generators at reasonable prices. If you want a generator that will enhance your productivity and help in an emergency, then Canon Get diesel generators are the best choice. 

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