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Winters tend to create problems with diesel generators, especially in freezing temperatures where the genset often freeze up because of weather drops. It causes issues with starting up the generators along with many others. In some cases, the generator may even collapse due to sudden temperature drop-off. 

In such situations, certain measures and precautions should be taken while starting the generator and ensuring that it runs smoothly. Here, in this blog, you will learn about some tips and practices that should be incorporated while using a diesel genset in winter. 

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Inspecting Thoroughly

A simple inspection of your industrial diesel genset every once in a while, won’t give you any trouble. It can help you more than you think. So, take a walk around your generator and check for any leaks or debris. More so, you can even get it inspected by an electrician. Look for any stains, puddles or other signs which might indicate a problem with the genset. Such simple inspections can help you prevent bigger issues. Therefore, do visual checking more often. 

Follow the Manual

The document you get when you purchased your diesel generator, known as manual, is very important. It contains everything you should know and follow with your generator. A diesel generator manufacturer always gives a manual along with the generators to help the buyer in understanding the working of the machinery. Moreover, such a manual contains all the information about the genset, and they have a certain section regarding the regular maintenance of the diesel generators in winter. So, be sure to give it a thorough reading to understand the process properly. 

Don’t Forget the Battery Charger

A dead battery is equal to a dead genset. A battery that does not work or is charged up is the main reason why generators fail to work. Thus, understanding the vital importance of battery chargers is necessary to start your generator smoothly. Also, make sure that these are plugged into the main power. If the battery dies, the generator is impossible to run. 

Pay Attention to Engine Block Heater

Engine block heaters are very helpful during winters. They play a sole part in taking the responsibility of keeping the engine heated up during freezing temperature. It avoids freezing of the engine. Thus, inspecting the functionality of the engine block heater before starting the generator will help you in avoiding any damage. Moreover, make sure that the engine is plugged into the power and let the engine run for a few hours before starting the generator. If there’s any problem, you will get to know before. So, have an engine block heater for the smooth functioning of the generators. 

Daily Maintenance 

Nothing works better than to have regular maintenance of your industrial diesel generator. Keeping a close eye on your generator will end you up with lots of issues. Therefore, be sure to look for operations of your generator and keep tabs on the functional performance to improve efficiency. You can undergo the following check-ups on daily basis-

  • Well-oiled engine
  • Spark plugs or radiant cooler mixture 
  • Replacing and cleaning filters regularly
  • Ensuring engine block heater and battery are plugged in


With that, you do not have to worry about starting and working up your diesel generator even during the coldest season. If you need any professional advice or want to buy a reliable and quality generator, contact Canon Genset for immediate assistance and generator.

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