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Diesel generators are popularly increasing and their demand has been ever rising. Every industry has been shifting to diesel generators for effective and efficient use of energy sources. The whole point of using a backup diesel generator is to provide the electrical power that is needed for commercial or residential requirements. 

Many times, a power outage can hinder the production process of businesses and that also result in losses. To safeguard and ensure a smooth production process, diesel generators are used as a backup in case of emergencies. Moreover, diesel generators come in a wide variety in terms of capacity. You want a diesel generator with a capacity that can fulfil your needs. However, if you think buying the largest generator will be easy, it is not. A guide is required while choosing the capacity of the generator for your industry.

Diesel Generator

Diesel Generator Size Guide

Here you will learn about the basics while picking up the generator big enough to keep the job done. It will ensure that your entire operation does not halt and keeps on running. 

Inspection of Your Premises by a Certified Electrician and Determination of Maximum Power Load

The first and foremost step that many people skip is to determine the power load your industry can take. It is important to outline such things, especially by a certified electrician because doing on your own will result in some missed calculations. Therefore, hire a certified electrician and get your premises inspected by him who will help you determine the capacity of generator that is the best fit for your space.

Determination of Power Requirements

The next step is to make a list of all the items that are required for backup power. It does not only include key pieces of the equipment, rather the lightning, desktop appliances, computers, etc., but that will also help in getting the real work done. Now, start with noting the wattage and running wattage of each of the equipment. These will be useful in determining the power consumed. 

Most of the values of this equipment will be available either on the plate affixed to the electrical device or you can check it in the device’s owner manual. 

Now converting these values in same units i.e., kW or kVA. For every type of equipment, for instance, in the case of resistive loads, multiplying Amperage by voltage will give you the wattage. Similarly, for reactive loads, multiplying Amps with Volts and then again multiplying the result with load factor will give you the wattage. It will make sense only with an electrician who has guided knowledge about the values. Adding them all together will give you the peak power consumption that your premises require.

Selection of Power Diesel Generator with At Least 5-10% Higher Rating than Power Requirements

The last step involves purchasing a power diesel generator which is usually a 5-10% higher rate than the power you need. It is important because you do not want to run out of your genset with the flat maximum capacity in longer durations. 


In a nutshell, a diesel generator does not shut down if you purchase them with smartness and considering all the requirements of your industry. It will ensure maximum efficiency with the best performance. For a reliable and best diesel generator, contact Canon Genset who provide perfect generators with superior quality service.

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