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What is a Generator?

The Generator India converts mechanical energy into electrical energy and this mechanical energy is obtained from an external source. The use of generators in India is very popular as there are regular power cuts.

Generators are practical devices that provide electricity during a power outage, preventing the interruption of daily activities or company operations. 

There are many generator companies in Agra but we are the best company of all. In many business operations, there are activities that require electricity supply regularly. So generators are the best option to supply electricity.

They are used in various applications, generators come in a variety of electrical and physical designs. We’ll examine a generator’s operation as a secondary source of electrical power in the home and commercial settings, as well as its key parts and components, in the sections that follow.

Types Of Generator

  • Portable generators, 
  • Inverter generators, 
  • Standby generators,
  • Industrial generators, and
  • Induction generators 

These are some of the several types of generators available based on these purposes.

Portable generators

Portable generators are used in a number of applications. When electricity fails during crises or natural disasters, portable generators come into use. When there are power cuts, they supply power. They are better suited for domestic applications, smaller commercial facilities like retail stores and shops, smaller tool power on building sites, camping, outdoor weddings, outdoor festivals, and agricultural machineries like bore wells or drip irrigation systems. These generators are easy to move anywhere as they are mounted to wheel frames.

Inverter generator

Inverter generators are used to produce AC power. By using a rectifier the AC power to DC power and vice-versa to provide a steady current to appliances. These generators are useful in such as air-conditioners, refrigerators, etc as they need voltage and frequency.  However, inverter generators are capable of providing the required frequency and voltage. These are highly suitable for many applications as they are light in weight and compact.

Standby generators

When the grid power fails the standby generator switches on automatically. They are useful in hotels, restaurants, and also in commercial areas when connected to grid power.

Industrial applications

Industrial generators are more robust and can perform well in difficult or harsh conditions. These are different from residential or small commercial generators. There are many industrial generators that can be classified on the basis of fuel like diesel, gasoline, natural gas, and kerosene. The Industrial generators come in portable generators also as there are applications where large generators are difficult to install.

Induction generators

Induction generators come in two types

  • Externally excited generators
  • Self-excited generators

Externally excited generators are used in regenerative braking applications such as cranes, elevators, etc. Self-excited generators are widely used in windmills. On the other hand, wind energy is converted to electric energy.

How Generator Works

The generator works on the principle of converting mechanical energy to electrical energy. The movement of electric charges is forced through mechanical energy. 

The electric charge present in the wire of its windings provides electric current using the mechanical energy provided to it. 

This flow of electric charges represents the generator’s output electric current. If the generator is compared to a water pump, which induces the flow of water but does not actually “make” the water flow through it, this operation can be understood.

The flow of electric charges is due to the magnetic field as a wire has electric charges. Due to the voltage differential that is produced between the wire’s two ends as a result of this movement, an electric current is produced.

Specification of Genset

Canon Genset is the best manufacturer in India and makes less noise pollution.

For a Diesel Genset

In Single-phase it varies from 2 KW TO 16 KW

In Three-phase it varies from 7.5 KVA TO 20KVA


In Water-cooled engines, it varies from 4.5 HP TO 28 HP

In Air-cooled engines, it varies from 4.5 HP TO 26 HP


In Single-phase it varies from 2KW TO 16 KW

In Three-phase it varies from p7.5 KVA TO 20 KVA

Components of Genset

The main components of the generator can be  classified as follows:

  • Engine and alternator 
  • Fuel System
  • Voltage Regulation system 
  • Cooling system 
  • Exhaust Systems
  • Lubrication
  • Charger of battery 
  • Control Panel
  • Main Assembly

Generator prices in India

If the power rating is between 100 and 200 KVA generator price varies from Rs 5.5 lakh to Rs 10.9 lakh approximately. So generator price depends on the power rating

It has the following specifications.

  • It is diesel-powered.
  • Generators are available in single-phase as well as in three-phase.
  • These are soundproof.

These are widely used in industries. The generators with ratings between 4 and 6.5 KVA prices vary from Rs 1,01,000 to Rs 1,83,000.

They are of compact designs and come with features that include low fuel consumption, portability, and various safety features. The generators are compatible with gas fuels and have a self-start option.

These generators are mostly used by small business owners, hospitals, and for residential purposes.

Cost of Generator in Agra

Generators in Uttar Pradesh are mostly used because the power cuts are normal and the Agra generator market is vast. Agra generator price list varies from 25000 to 1 lac. If you are looking for the best quality generators then the Canon Genset is the best choice to get generators.

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Why choose us 

We are the best Generator Manufacturer in India and the prices of generators are also affordable.

Our focus is mainly on

  • satisfaction of customers 
  • Always delivers on time 
  • Generators last for long
  • No hidden costs
  • After-sales support 

Thus we offer the best services to our clients and cost-effective diesel generator price. So if you want a regular supply of electricity for a long time, the generator is a must for all.

Canon Genset has been the best manufacturer of generators in Agra that provide you with all Genset solutions. If you want your generator to last for years then regular maintenance of it is essential.

An inefficient generator can lead to an inadequate supply of electricity. We are trustworthy among clients and ensure power supply with our quality generators. Our teamwork, and innovation, are the company’s initial values. 

1) What is a generator and its types?

The generator is a device that converts mechanical energy obtained from an external source to electrical energy.
There are basically two types of generator 
AC generator
DC generator 

2) What are DC and AC generators?

A DC generator is a machine that converts mechanical energy into DC electricity. It works on the principle of electromotive force. The AC generator works on the principle of “Electromagnetic Induction”. 
An AC generator is an electric generator that converts mechanical energy into electrical energy in the form of alternating current

3) What size generator would run a house?

The generator of 5000 to 7500 watts can run for household purposes and equipment like refrigerators, well pumps, etc can be run easily.

4) What are the main parts of a generator?

The main parts of the generator are as follows:
Fuel System
Voltage Regulator
Cooling and Exhaust Systems
Lubrication System
Battery Charger
Control Panel
Main Assembly / Frame

5) How do generators work without electricity?

When there is no power supply the engine starts with the help of an alternator. The alternator converts the mechanical energy of the combustion engine into electrical energy.

6) What are the 3 basic parts of an electric generator?

The three basic parts of a generator are

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